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and we're not -- we're notds knowledge rating when -- not exaggerating when we say this could be an epic snowstorm. we're going to have some rain tonight and 10, 11 tonight, there could be cold air in some spots for this to begin as we have been talking about for a while. the national weather service has gone ahead and issued a winter weather advisory for our area. i wanted you to see, though, how extensive the winter warnings are, including the blizzard warnings that you can see for connecticut, massachusetts, rhode island, and winter storm warnings everywhere else, including new york n. this purple, these are winter weather advisorys and we have loudoun county, frederick county, carol county, baltimore and nowhere faulkier in this and this is for a small amount of snow, sleet, and freezeing rain at the onset and that might begin around midnight and lasts in a light fashion until 10 in the morning and we change to some light rain here in this
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region. we might see snow on the back side of it, but it's really the northeast and that is about to get pounded. if anyone had plans to travel up to new england this week, they have to reconsider. >> and they have to take this very issue very seriously. all the models are comng in ine on this storm and there is going to be a storm and there is no doubt about it. the question is, who is going to get the two and three feet amount of snow and high winds. listen. for one thig, what can picture -- thing, what can we expect? this is not going to be our storm. we're not talking about blizzard conditions or several inches of snow out there, okay. it looks like a close call for d.c. and the metro area, this thing merges and becomes a big storm, sue used the word epic, and by the time we get through this saturday afternoon, that is what people are going to call it and that is going to be to the north of us. most of this precip will stay to the east of us tomorrow and tomorrow evening. now, we're going to have some
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light am mix here in the city in the metro area that is going to transition over to rain. and that is looking like the messy mix will linger longer north and west and those counties that are in the winter weather advisory that sue showed you will probably stay in that messy mix. right now, it looks like everything is going to be light and this is going to end as some light snow and this is going to end as accumulating snow around here. this is a big question mark this snowstorm. when it begins to taper off tomorrow evening, how much in the way of potential accumulating snow are we going to get in the metro area in i don't think we can answer that yet. going okay. this is the storm system tomorrow night at 11:00. the storm is raging just off of new jersey and cape may. that is heavy snow for new york, beginning with the thunder snow into providence and boston, and you see that yellow precipitation there, just south of boston, that is the thunderstorm speed into
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this cold air and that is where we think the bull's eye of the two or three feet of snow by saturday will be falling up there into new england and definitely blizzard-like conditions as well. >> and thank you for the update. of course, can you track the forecast 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. remember, if you can't get to a television, we're now streaming our newscast live on your cell phone. just log on to our website, and to get information about the web streaming. >> a news alert out of maryland tonight. an annapolis mother is being charged with killing hear two- year-old daughter. the police say that chelsea booth killed her little girl but the body has not been found. karen? >> reporter: chelsea michelle booth is charged with first- and second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. unbelievable charges if true and police say they got calls from concerned neighbors who have not seen the missing child
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earlier -- since earlier in the week. the 25-year-old booth is being held without bond. police say she admitted to killing her two-year-old daughter cassidy. >> she admitted to smothering the child. >> when did this happen? >> reporter: she lives in the bay ridge gardens apartment complex in the eastport section of annapolis. security was tighter there than usual as police investigate what happened to the two-year- old. and this woman who said she is her best friend, can't believe she is capable of murder. >> she's a sweet girl. she talks to everybody and is sweet as chocolate. >> reporter: police heard from neighbors yesterday afternoon who were worried. they had not seen the child for days. >> and had a story about where her child should be and we kept looking into it to see if we could find the child and talked to the person she said the
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child was with. no luck. >> reporter: her friend said she saw chelsea yesterday and didn't seem like herself. >> she looked like she was disturbed, like three days chelsea was not chelsea. she shut down she was not speaking to people, you know, she would cough at -- cuss at her sometimes. >> and one man refuses to believe she killed her baby. >> i think she's with someone safe. i do and i believe that in my heart. she was a good motor. >> reporter: police believe that booth dumped the little general's body in a dumpster, which was emptied earlier this week and taken to a transfer stag. the police are checking out trash that might be in the rail car in the jessup area of maryland. and booth's friends say she has a four-year-old daughter. we found that she has had contact with the criminal justice system before she was
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convicted of second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer and theft in april of 2009 and in january of the same year, she was convicted of failing arrest and failure to obey a lawful order. >> reporter: know it's unfolding. any any idea of the whereabouts of the four-year-old girl? >> reporter: i don't know where she s. i am going to guess child protective services is taking care of her now. >> thank you, care know gray houston. -- karen gray houston. the latest in the chandra levy case. the latest information will remain secret until april. the d.c. judge made the ruling this afternoon. also bolstered by a new ruling from the d.c. court of appeals. paul wagner is live with the latest. paul. >> reporter: on the bench this afternoon, the judge announced that the court of appeals had upheld his ruling that the documents in this case would stay sealed. he then told the news media that we will not be allowed in
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a hearing scheduled for next week. what is at issue here is a witness from guandique's trial in 2010, and the judge said he sealed the record for safety reasons. guandique sat at the defense table and listened to the proceedings through a spanish interpreter. the u.s. marshalls brought him here from a federal prison in alabama where he is serving a 60-year sentence for killing chandra levy. he looks different from the days during the 2010 trial. his head is shaved and you can see a tattoo on his head and investigators a it's an image of the devil. he and his attorneys are privy to the information government prosecutors developed and they want it released to the public; in fact, it was the defense that filed the appeal denied today. what is at issue are two bench conferences. one that went on for two hours that have been placed under seal by the judge and in court
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today, the judge said prosecutors have until early april to resolve the issue before he makes a ruling. juan deeky wants a -- guandique wants a new trial. patrick is a attorney hired by the news media. >> and we don't believe that the court is providing accurate information and the public's right to know what is going on and we're troubled that the court seems to indicate that redacted versions of pleadings and filings and transcripts created and in the court file are under seal. >> reporter: what we sudden prosecutors learned the new information and met with the judge in open court on december
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18th. little of that hearing was on the record. and this case has been in the public eye for 10 years now. you may recall that levy went missing in may of 2001 and her body found a year later and that made international news because she had an affair with a canman from california who testified in the trial and that he's not implicated in her disappearance or death and that hearing is scheduled for next thursday and again, we're not welcome. back to you, shawn. >> and this keeps going on and on and on. thank you. in california, police are looking for one of their own. an ex-cop accused of going on a killing spree and there is a massive manhunt underway for this man. where's suspected of killing three people so far and police are afraid he's going to strike
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again. adam housley is will ifing the search for the accused killer. >> reporter: a former cop turned suspected killer. once sworn to protect and serve, police say former l.a.p.d. officer is armed andb tramly dangerous and is willing to kill anyone and he's terrorizing law enforcement in southern california. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him and he was a member of the armed forces. it's extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: he is the suspect in the killings of a assistant basketball coach and her fiance. kwan is the daughter of a retired l.a.p.d. captain involved in the review process leading to the dismissal of the man in 2008 from the force and they believe he was the trigger man in three -- corona and nearby riverside. >> dorner ambushed two riverside police officers resulting in the death of one
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and with severe injury of another. >> reporter: police released a lengthy manifesto where he a lodges corruption and race. throughout the l.a.p.d. and makes threats to several officers and their 15ly members and anyone coming to their assistance. >> there is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: the search stretches as far south as san diego where police there confirm that dorner's i.d. and badge were found near an airport and a possibility that he may have tried to hijacking a boat. the killings, shootings, and manhunt have police across the state of california on a tactical alert. every department involved in helping each other out and now also, the fbi and federal authorities are involved in the search for christopher dorner. in riverside, california, adam housley, fox news. coming up, the serial fondler strikes again. police are hoping a new sketch will put him behind bars. >> and the redskins have to change their name. why the racially charged debate is back in the spotlight
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tonight. tonight. >> and this guy lives in the most literal city in mark. the story is coming up. >> thanks, and listen, a big storm is coming up the east coast. not much of an impact here and a real big impact up to the north and to the east. we'll talk more about this storm system and a look at the local weather coming up on fox 5 news at 5. stay with us. 
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. the man dubbed the serial fondler appears to have struck again and this is the 18th incident reported. the police released a new sketch of the suspect. john henrehan is live with the latest. john. >> reporter: the groping assaults on women in and around springfield started in late september. the assailant attacked women of varying ages from a 15-year-old girl to a woman in her late 40s. an earlier release of the composite of the suspect, he was generally described as a latino man with a goatee and beard and comes up behind them and when he screams -- they scream, he runs off and this is a sketch from a more recent incident. around this time, the suspect groped a 21-year-old woman on gray fox drive in springfield and he was wearing a gray t- shirt at the time with blue sleeves and dark sweatpants. this time, the police are
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describing the man as white or possibly hispanic and 5'4", correction, that is 5'6" to 5'8", weighing 180 pounds. he's described as having acne or shaving bumps on the cheeks. in the incidents a week ago, he was described as having a beard. police hope that anyone recognizing this man or his loathing -- clothing from the description here and what we will post on the website later will call them and offer a tip. again, the incident, 18 of them now, have happened in the springfield area and so the police department that wants to hear from you is fairfax county police. shawn? >> thank you, john. and kathy lanier is -- that her department failed to document 171 cases of sexual abuse. take a listen. >> i can tell you 100% there is not 170 cases over that four- year period that were not documented. i am positive of that,. >> uh. >> and in the damage to our organization by that false
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allegation based on just bad data, it's irreparable. i can't fix that. i can't fix the damage done and i have an obligation to correct the report. >> the group human rights watch reported 171 cases were not documented over a four-year span. chief lanier said in 150 of the cases, either the doubt the -- documents were missed or the report was filed by another jurisdiction or there was a request not to file the report. the chief said there is no question that some of her officers or detectives have handled cases badly and they have been disciplined or removed from the sexual assault investigation's unit. first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral for a chicago girl killed just days after performing in the presidential inaugural festivities. the 15-year-old pendleton was shot trying to run from a gunman who opened fire at a park right next to her chicago prep school. the gunman has not been found. white house senior advisor valerie jared and everyoney dunk -- arne duncan will 10 the funeral on saturday.
5:18 pm
president obama is praying for humility in washington. the president attended the national annual prayer breakfast in d.c. this morning and told leaders he hopes they maintain the morning's bipartisan spirits longer. the national prayer breakfast dates back to the days of president eisenhower. well, i heard people talking about snow and maybe not so much in our area, but certainly to the north of us. >> and i guess in our area, what is -- what they were talking about earlier, some wind to go along with that. >> and i am positive there is unanswered questions and there is no doubt in my mind that the bulk of the storm, the blizzard is going to be hot it to the north and west and that is looking like north and east of new york city and that is going
5:19 pm
to be a bull's eye of the storm and that is in new england in massachusetts and boston and the big question, how far will they get? i don't think so. not for us and we have a lot of moisture down south and this is a storm system from the southeast and this is the beginnings of the northeast and that is popping out on the coast late tonight and early tomorrow morning. this is going to absorb a lot of energy from that storm system that you see moving through chicago and this is becoming classic nor'easter. the only thing that keeps us out of the storm here in d.c. and the metro area is that those two storms are going to merge later. so, where the storm really gets going, it will be just to the east-northeast of us and we're going to stay out of the big part of the storm that is going to have a high impact. the temperatures right now, sitting at 41 degrees and cooler to the north and west.
5:20 pm
the temperatures with the clouds in place not going to drop off much this evening. only down to the upper 30s and into -- tomorrow morning, when we get precip here, guys, i think we will get a mix of precip and the ground temperature and the temperature for us will be above 32 and here in the city, that is a different scenario. >> and we'll see you soon. >> you bet. coming up, magic johnson shows his appreciation for area hospital workers. >> and john wall is back on the court for the wizards. why he was not sure he would play this season. 
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his knee injury is a thing of the past. and wizard's star john wall played the last 15 games. get this, during that time, the
5:24 pm
team won eight times. at one point, he was not sure if he would play the season at all. >> before that, it was frustrating, you know, and you play the game of basketball, you want to play and i have to sit there and can't run and can't jump and can only dribble the basketball and watch it in place. it's a great feeling. >> was it harder sitting there and watching the team struggle knowing you could havema a difference? >> i think -- have made a difference? >> just sitting there and a subject to sit on the bench. i am one of the players, if i feel a play, i could have done something different. so, it was tough going on the road and just seeing my team practice. i couldn't help, you know, in any shame shape, form, or fashion. >> it's clear is you made a huge difference. the first 33 of the season, did you know that your impact was going to be that great and how
5:25 pm
good go does it feel to make that much of an impact? >> knew i could make it easy and they knock down a shot and some guys are nat not great and sometimes i am not a great shooter and it's my job to make the team easier for my teammates. >> and play-offs were not in the conversation a couple of months ago and now you're in the play-offs conversation, obviously. is that crazy how much&the season can change? >> and from day 1 when i started practicing, i think the whole intensity picked up. everyone decided because we were starting to get everyone back healthy, and we were knew -- and what the team could do and didn't know. we had a chance to play together and we knew it was an italian theme and i am anxious to get back to regular play. >> uh. >> and i feel like more of a contender team, more teams
5:26 pm
respect me as more. >> and do you feel good about the group you have now? with manny healthy and you're healthy and hopefully bradley is back tomorrow? >> i feel good and like i said before, we trust each other and we plan as a team, we give each other confidence to shoot the ball and make plays and someone get big on defense, we help them out. someone make a mistake, we're not scared to speak up. that thais the key thing. you trust your teammates and what they're doing. >> and that was lindsay member offy one-on-one there with john wall. baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis is especially retired. the fans may see him around mm the stadium. where's -- mmt stadium. he's considering putting up a statue of lewis. he has to be in one of the poses doing the dance and thinks lewis set him a part in baltimore history. he will join espn as an analyst and no word if he wants to coach. >> reporter: want to learn that dance. i would be a hit at the next
5:27 pm
party. >> try it. if you do it on tv, i will give you $10. >> something like that? >> five? three? >> fifty cents, maybe. >> thanks, shawn. the redskins are loved by many and some say the team's name may not be nice. >> and the post office wants to eliminate saturday deliveries. why a virginia lawmaker said they will have to get past congress first. >> and someone hit the powerball jackpot in virginia. where that winning ticket was purchased. 
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snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. should the washington redskins change their name? critics say the name is racist and demeaning and a new name is overdue. others say it's a part of a rich tradition. the issue was debated at a special symposium at the smithsonian american indian museum. matt ackland is live with the
5:31 pm
latest. i heard it got heated at times. >> reporter: the issue began to picture up steam recently when mayor gray mentioned if the redskins were to move back to the district, there would need to be a discussion about the redskins name and that would need to be changeed and many people here today say this name is deeply offensive. in this area, the redskins team is loved by many, a fan transcriptiony this year as the team made it to the play-off. and as for most cheer for victories on the field, others say the team's name is a loser. >> i believe that they can choose another name that would be respectful. and would still represent a great team. >> reporter: a special discussion about the teams and mascots was held at the
5:32 pm
american indian museum and a seen out front compares aninnian sports mascot to a black face character. considered racially offensive to african-americans. >> if you're watchful and go through some of the watching redskins football guys and sock about -- games and look into their box, obviously, you will find senators and congressmen sitting in there in this box promoting the whole idea. >> reporter: the former senator ben knighthorse campbell believes the support for the redskins name would change if the fans knew what it means. >> and people need to recognize the word redskin came from the time when bounties were given on indians. all you had to do was kill one and turn the hair on the skin in and you got a bunt on. it's -- a bounty. >> reporter: mayor gray said the discussion needs to be had on changing the name. during his state-of-the- district speech this week, the mayor purposely avoid using redskins. >> and for the first time in
5:33 pm
franchise history, for the washington nationals and, the first time what seemed an eternity for the washington football team. >> i heard the statement they would have to reconsider the name to move back here and i thought that was courageous. >> reporter: for decades, native americans have been trying to do away with sports teams names and mascots who they say represent them improperly. they have been success envelope other places and hope for the same victory here. >> reporter: i spoke with the mayor's spokesperson and he said the mayor purposely avoided using the redskins name when he gave the state-of-the- district earlier this week. will he use the redskins again when in public? it's not certain at this point. this week he didn't, shape. >> thank you. and we asked our facebook friends if they think the redskins name is offensive. laura wrote yes, it is and always has been racist.
5:34 pm
it portrays the american indian as a savage and allows fans to dress up and mock the american indian and their customs. jennifer hollowwell wrote i think it's ridiculous. they have been the redskins for this long, leave them alone. there is nothing racist about it. we want to know what you think of the washington redskins name. is it offensive or part of tradition? share your thoughts with us on the facebook page and search for my fox d.c. two out of three plants for transportation funding in virginia have -- virginia have gone down on the floor of the state senate. the original bill came from the senator and would have replaced the gas tax with a higher sales tax to fund maintenance and highways, local roads, bridges and times. the two bills will have captain a gas tax. both were sponsored by republican senators. the only remaining plant in the house is still working through revisions right now. congress is pushing back against the postal service's plan to cut saturday delivery. virginia congressman appeared
5:35 pm
on fox 5 morning news today. take a listen. >> and that is 30 years. if we're going to change that, two think thises have to happen. the person has to come to congress to seek legal authority to do that and secondly, he will have to make an analytical case for why the savings won't be outweighed by the revenue loss and that is what he has failed to do in both cases. >> by the way, the postmaster general repeatedly tried to do whatman connelly described, we're told. the congress will not go along. congress passed a law in 2006 saying the postal service has to pay $5.5 billion a year in future benefits. the postal service is mandated in the constitution and received no money from the federal government. the winner of a $217 million powerball jackpot bought their ticket in virginia. they could be long gone by now and this is that deal.
5:36 pm
that videova lottery said the ticket came from a lottery express self-service machine at richmond international airport. the second largest jackpot ever won in virginia and no one knows where that winner is yet. probably consulting a money planner. >> absolutely. >> and picking out a new car. >> preparing. >> yeah. and coming up, a restaurant forced to shut its doors for multiple health code violations. wait until you hear what inspectors found inside. >> would you bring this little guy into your home? find out where a dog with a human face there is going up for adoption as we continue. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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5:40 pm
department shut it down for health code violations. the in whichors decided the -- the inspectors cited the store for 20 violations. health officials found rats, roaches and mice inside the store, the managers quickly fixed the problem and the store reopened today. basketball legend magic johnson dropped by howard university hospital this afternoon. johnson had his hands in so many different businesses these days, including food service. the hospital is offering magic johnson subconnection in the hospital. cafeteria and johnson stopped by to say thank you. >> want to say thank you for allowing us to be a part of howard university hospital to have that magic here and for all of to you support us. >> johnson not only met with doctors and hospital employees, but he took time to talk with students in the howard school of business. coming up, when it comes to literacy, d.c. is at the head
5:41 pm
of the class. >> yet nation's capitol came out on top in a new study. >> and preps are underway for a winter storm expected to dump up to two feet of snow in new england. we'll go live there as residents get ready for the worse. >> and that nor'easter is expected to slam parts of the east coast and is going to be felt here. gary's back with more. ♪
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we're back now with more on that huge snowstorm that is expected to bury in parts of the northeast and ted daniel in boston is live in massachusetts. what is the situation there ask&how much snow are you expecting -- there and how much snow are you expecting? >> reporter: we're hearing words like major and historic and they talking two feet in downtown boston and a foot to
5:45 pm
two feet everywhere else and this is going to be a big one. the other factor here, we're going to have the wind. talking blizzard conditions, whiteout conditions and they talking 50 miles an hour gusts and this is that combination of heavy, fast snow and a lot of wind that is going to keep people busy and inside the next few days here and there is no surprise, though, about the storm and we're talking about it the next few days and school is cancelled in most cities and towns across massachusetts for friday and that is happening. the mayor told people they should stay off of the road tomorrow and that employers are having early dismissal or telling them not to come to work. they don't want people on the roads tomorrow. at airport -- at logan in boston, happens of flights
5:46 pm
cancelled and i think you will have a lot of folks stuck until sunday or monday and with that winning we're going to have some power problems and there is not a lot of love here in new england and some long outages we have had. the power companies are promising some -- from the storm and they're staging now in different parts across new england. as we're expecting a large amount of power outages and those crews will be ready and to get things back online and we're looking forward to an interesting weekend. the worst is supposed to start falling friday night and in through saturday morning. looks like it's going to be a big one. that is the latest from denham, massachusetts. back to you. >> thank you. stay warm and stay inside if can you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> and i guess they're not being take know by surprise and with with regard to the storm. it's going to slam them, for
5:47 pm
sure. >> and this is that deal. the persession, they're going to get a couple of feet of snow and for boston a couple of feet of snow and i feel for those forecasting this in new york city. >> why? >> if this storm slides 75 miles an hours to the east? >> and on to that edge. >> it drags them offshore and in manhattan, gets four to eight and six to 12 and people are thinking it's going to be for sure snow in new york city and i don't think that. i think what i would want to forecast in new york city for this is eight to 12 inches. >> and do you have a special crystal ball that you look into? >> we have it downstairs and keep it in the back room. >> okay. >> and they only pull it out for blizzards. case in point, it's out today, right? >> and some of the newest stuff is in and that is offshore of manhattan and that is looking like boston is going to get slammed with this and that does
5:48 pm
not look like our storm, by any means. not a bad day. the temperatures for everybody into some lower 40s and sitting at von is degrees -- at 41 degrees and that is the high for the day. a nice evening, too, and staying dry by late evening and maybe as early as 11:00 and we getting light precipitation out there and that can start in the form of snow and sleet. the temperatures will be plenty warm and that is not going to be a problem at 11:00 or 12:00 and this is that situation now. we're showing earlier and this is not even catching -- touching the ground and the low levels are dry. a lot of the system is from the south and the thunderstorms into parts of florida and that is a big clam of moisture through georgia and this secondary storm system through the northwest, the midwest and these will merge offshore and basically what will happen is
5:49 pm
this storm system from the northwest will transfer the upper level energy and that means the storm system along the coast is going to get stronger. in terms of the winter weather advisories, the way they're issued now is standard for this type of storm for us and nothing in the metro and low den county, frederick county, carol county and baltimore county and all of you guys along i-81 and to the west. you're in the winter weather advisory and this is going to go for you until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that is looking like, as we progress through the day tomorrow, and that is lighter and lighter as the energy is to the northeast of us and this is how future cast is seeing this. this is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. the heaviest is offshore in through eastern sections of virginia and we're in the rain and with that mixture here north and west and look at the dramatic cutoff and
5:50 pm
precipitation to the weather -- the north and west of us. through 5:00, we're dry here and there might be a light shower leftover and we're watching the transfer of energy from some midwestern storms to the coast and this is where, by tomorrow evening, we're going to start to see the snows for new york and new england and boston as well and that is as this storm is a blizzard, raging win across new england and that is where we're thinking between one to two feet and more in some places around boston, six to 12 towards the southeast and into i-95 and new york city and that is how it's looking. the big question here is will we get accumulation and that is looks like we may end with a few spots and a small accumulation as the colder air comes in on the back side of the storm and that is some precip this evening and early a.m., a messy mix and in the city, our temperature is going
5:51 pm
to be 34 degrees and that is changing to light rain showers at noon and some -- at noon and some temperatures plenty warm tomorrow. i don't think we will worry about that early commute or evening commute and i am sure they will treat the roads north and west. and blustery 41 and sunday, 50 and mostly sunny skies and some rain on monday and staying around 50 for the next few days at least once we get to sunday. >> all right, okay. thank you, gary. >> you bet. and wintery weather might be the perfect time to get cozy on the sofa. a lot of you have been doing that and there is that new study out saying that d.c. is the most literate city in mark and as beth parker shows us, the honor comes with a healthy dose of irony. >> i think that is really cool. >> and i am excited. >> we're flattered. >> reporter: flattered so many
5:52 pm
d.c. residents are letting books take them on a journey. lacy is so excited by the book she read by the writer jasmine ward. >> and gives me chills to think about it. she's wonderful. >> reporter: that enthusiasm is contagious. a new steady said that residents of d.c. are literate than counterparts in any other city in mark. >> and they're wonderful loyal to us and to that printed word in general. >> people are well-read. >> reporter: researchers measured things like how many book stores the city has and how many people still read the newspaper and how muchec people get. at 14th and v northwest inside the restaurant and book store, bus boys and poets. >> it's mentally stimulating. i have soon a lot of books, book readings here for that.
5:53 pm
>> and readers agree it's ironic that d.c. will be named the most literal city in america when last year less than half, 45% of elementary kids in dcps were reading at grade level. >> and that is terrifying. it's debilitating to think that we have not figured out a way to gauge the performance of our school system and our teachers. >> i don't think people realize it's a big issue around here. >> and the money we spent on building stadiums and putting the high-rises up, build a library. >> reporter: that is a tale still being told. beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up new on the news knowledge. >> -- news edge. >> i speak for the mothers. >> we will recess. >> and heckled at the confirmation hearing, the nation's top spy is in the spotlight. the fallout at 6. and school
5:54 pm
children forced into child labor. how agencies are joining forces to end human trafficking and consequences for putting a wrong label on a food item in a grocery store. the new proposed federal regulations with stiff penalties. those stories and more just ahead on the news edge.  we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car,
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an inmate convicted of one of new york's most notorious police killings is found fit for his retrial. he was convicted of killing two undercover officers in a 2006 illegal gun sting. and his conviction was overturned in 2010. earlier this week, a federal prison guard was charging with havinga affair with wilson and getting pregnant and she's accused of having a relationship with another inmate at the prison. >> how's this for a talker tonight. scary moments for a new father in georgia after he was forced to deliver his new baby girl here at a gas station parking
5:58 pm
lot. brandon was rushing his wife to the hospital when she realized that she may not make it in time and he did what any dad would, do he called 9 launch and the dispatcher told him to pull into the going, stay cam, and the -- calm and the paramedics would meet him. >> i am here to help you. do you see any part of the baby? >> the head's out. >> and it was intense. it really was. and i was scared. and ended up being a blessing and we're happy that it ended the way it does did. >> and it all worked out fine and everyone is healthy. by the way, the three-year-old big sister, i think her name was elle, she was on hand for the whole thing. >> ah. >> and i don't blame her for being scared. not at all. >> and look at topic the
5:59 pm
poodle. he has one of those faces that looks human. and he was saved from a kill shelter and is up for adoption in indiana. they pointed out the dog's human features, especially around the eyes. >> and like i'm looking in the mirror there. >> no comment. >> the self-depricating humor went overwell. >> thank you for join us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. starting the news edge off with a story that has a direct impact on the safety and security of our nation and lawmakers on capitol hill taking up the nomination of the man who would be the next director of the cia and fox 5s bob barnard has that for us. >> reporter: the cia has been without a permanent director since november. and this afternoon's confirming a hearing with the man plathapresident obama tapped to take over, got
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